One year in Japan– Let’s roll back the clock, shall we? Part 1

So, I haven’t been able to post updates since stepping into this magical land. Now that I’m home sick with the flu, what better way to kill time than to update an unattended blog. LOL.

Anyhow, a lot of things happened, so I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

I left my house feeling pretty excited but at the same time I had this feeling like I was about to vomit and just call it a day and go back home. But with my 2 suitcases, 1 duffel bag and a (very heavy) laptop bag, I made my way to Japan.

On the plane, I started thinking about the people I left behind. How much I was gonna miss them and when would we ever see each other again.. I mean, I used to just text them to “Let’s meet up!” and after a few hours I’d get to see them.

Dinner with friends before I left for Europe last 2012

Dinner with friends before I left for Europe last 2012

In any case, I finally arrived at Narita.

I quickly checked if my phone’s roaming had worked but I was disappointed to see that there was no signal bar on the screen. I was quickly shuffled into a big room with aisles and aisles of people lining up at the immigration windows. I tried to line up where I should but the man guarding the line told me, in Japanese, to fill out the form. I quickly filled it out and showed it to him and he let me pass. At the window, they asked for my passport. They took my finger print and my picture. After a minute they handed me a card which I figured out was my Residence card (Alien Card). I made my way down to the luggage pick up area and finally found my bags. Once I passed through customs, I searched for my cousin, who was supposed to pick me up. I saw a masked man wave at me, and I recognized that he was my cousin.

We greeted each other awkwardly, since it has been a couple of years since we met and we were quite far apart in age. He led me to the trains and tried to check which one we have to ride. Just to make sure, he talked to the man at the ticket gates and asked in Japanese whether it was the correct route. He confirmed it and so off we were to wait.

Was really tired from the trip so sorry for the bleh face

Was really tired from the trip so sorry for the bleh face

Anyway when the train arrived, we talked a lot about how it was to work in Japan. He told me all about his experiences and also gave me advice on what to do and what not to do…which I was surprised, quite a lot. I started to feel nervous but it was quickly replaced by excitement as our train slowed to a stop and we arrived in…. Saitama.


My cousin carrying some of my bags

So basically, the plan was that I was going to stay at my cousin’s in Yokohama, but I got out of the airport quite late because of the immigration procedures so he said I can stay with him in Saitama for the night and the next day he would bring me to Yokohama where his sister lived.

By this time I was completely buzzed by the fact that I was in Japan. I FINALLY ARRIVED. It was a little late but I finally realized it. Heck, even sometimes I forget that I’m here and I still feel like it’s a dream.

Ok. I’ll stop here for today but hopefully I can continue updating this blog. Fingers crossed.